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How I Make Over $2,000 a Month Online at 23: Diversified Income Streams

Just over a year ago, I started a blog, never really expecting much from it. Now, at 23, I'm somehow pulling in $2,000 a month from my side hustles. Trust me, it's been anything but smooth sailing – a mix of unexpected successes and real challenges.

I'm not here to brag about how much I earn. Instead, I want to open up about the reality of it – the nitty-gritty of what it's really like to make money online at a young age. Whether you're a student, working another job, or searching for a new direction, I want to share my experiences in the hope that they might shed some light on your own online income journies.

So, let’s get into the journey – from my first hesitant blog post to where I am now. It's been quite the learning curve, and I’ve picked up a few insights along the way that might just help you out too.

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Making a Living Through Blogging

Jumping into the world of online blogging was a bit of a leap for me. I decided to focus on topics that really interested me, which made the process of writing blog posts enjoyable rather than just another task. It's crucial to understand that building a blog that actually brings in income is a long game – it's about consistent effort and a whole lot of patience.

Earning Through My Blogs – A Practical Overview

So, how do I actually make money from my blogs? Primarily, it's through ads and affiliate links. I began with Google AdSense, but eventually, I switched to Ezoic, which turned out to be a great move. Setting up Ezoic was straightforward, and as my blog traffic increased, so did my earnings.

Affiliate marketing is the other big piece of my income puzzle. I'm pretty selective about the products I promote, sticking to ones that I believe in and that are relevant to my blog topics. When readers purchase through my affiliate links, I earn a commission. It's a win-win – I get to share stuff I like, and there's potential for income.

Now, the balancing act – meshing ads and affiliate links with my actual content. It's been a learning curve, figuring out how to do this without turning my blog into a billboard. My goal is to keep the site engaging and reader-friendly, where promotions don't overshadow the content. It's a delicate blend, but getting this right is key to keeping my readers around and maintaining a blog that not only informs or entertains but also pays the bills.

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Earning Through Matched Betting

Matched betting was something I stumbled upon while looking for ways to make some extra money. It's a technique where you use bookmakers' free bet offers to make a profit, regardless of the outcome of the events you bet on. At first, I was skeptical – it sounded too good to be true. But after giving it a try and seeing some success, I realized it's a legit way to earn a bit of extra cash, as long as you understand how it works.

My Tips for Matched Betting

Getting into matched betting takes a bit of homework. You've got to really get the hang of how it all works. I found matched betting calculators really helpful, and there are tons of online forums where you can get advice and tips. But here's the deal – it's important to remember that matched betting isn't completely risk-free. There's always a chance of making a mistake or running into unexpected issues, so I always set aside some money as a safety net for those ‘just in case' moments.

My Side Hustle with Online Surveys

I got into online surveys by accident, really. I was just looking for a simple way to earn some extra cash during COVID. Choosing well-known survey sites, I began filling out surveys, and sharing opinions on stuff I use or know about. The money from each survey isn't going to break the bank, but I found it adds up over time, especially when you do them consistently.

How I Make the Most of Survey Opportunities

Here's something important I figured out: being thorough and honest with my profile information. This meant I got surveys that actually matched my background and interests. I made a habit of checking the platforms regularly for new surveys. But let's be clear – doing surveys isn’t a get-rich-quick thing.

It’s more like a slow and steady trickle of extra income. To mix things up and potentially earn a bit more, I tried out things like product testing and participating in online research projects. It's about seizing those small chances to earn a little extra here and there.

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My Experience with Earning Money On Medium

When I was figuring out how to boost my online income, I stumbled upon Medium. It's this cool platform where you can write about pretty much anything. I was drawn to it because of the freedom it offered and the chance to reach different kinds of readers.

How I Started Writing on Medium

I kicked things off by writing about things I genuinely cared about. This wasn't just about churning out content – I wanted my articles to be useful and interesting. Medium's Partner Program caught my eye because it pays writers based on how readers engage with their articles. It's not just about how many people click on your piece; it's about how they interact with it.

My Medium Writing Routine

Consistency turned out to be crucial. I aimed to publish articles regularly, whether that was every week or every other week. But it wasn't just about pumping out articles. I got involved in the Medium community too, reading others' work, commenting, and connecting. This wasn't just networking – it genuinely improved my writing and helped more people find my articles.

Growing and Earning on Medium

Let's be honest: making money on Medium isn't a walk in the park. Your earnings can be all over the place. But as I grew my following and wrote pieces that resonated with readers, I started seeing a real income. Sure, it was slow at first, but eventually, it became a steady part of my monthly earnings.

Writing on Medium is no magic bullet for wealth, but it's a solid option if you're dedicated and strategic about it. It's not just about the money either – it's been great for improving my writing skills.

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Finding Motivation in the Online Hustle

Staying motivated when you're trying to make money online isn't always easy. What's worked for me is setting goals that I know I can hit and then really celebrating when I reach them. It's about having a clear idea of what I'm aiming for, which keeps me focused and excited about what I'm doing.

Exploring New Online Income Opportunities

The digital world is huge, and it's full of different ways to make money. I'm constantly keeping my eyes open for new methods to earn online and diversify what I do. The key here is to be flexible and ready to adapt. The online world is always shifting, and what works today might not work tomorrow. It's a bit like rolling a snowball down a hill – you start small, but as you keep pushing and adapting, it grows and grows. This isn't about quick, easy money; it's about building something over time.

My Real Take on Earning Online

So, here's the bottom line: as a 23-year-old, I've found out that making $2,000 a month online is totally doable, but it's all about spreading your efforts across different areas. Whether it's through blogging, matched betting, taking online surveys, or any other online gig, the real secret is sticking with it and keeping at it, even when it gets tough.

There were times when things didn't go as planned, and I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. But the key is not to get knocked down by these bumps in the road. Keep learning from what works and what doesn't, keep trying new things, and most importantly, keep moving forward. Trust me, if you stay committed and proactive, you'll find your way to your own online success.

Let's Keep the Conversation Going

Thanks for sticking with me through this post. I really hope my experiences and tips have given you some useful takeaways for your own online income journey. If you've got questions, want to dive deeper into anything I've talked about, or just want to share your own experiences, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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